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1. Foreskin's outer surface
5.Foreskin's inner surface
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NORM-UK explain the 'Ups and Downs' of male mutilation

Loss of Sexual Pleasure

The foreskin is an integral part of the penis, and one of it's principal functions is to heighten the sexual pleasure of both partners. Many men circumcised as adults have reported falling satisfaction from foreplay and a considerable reduction in the intensity of climax. Many other things are also lost after circumcision.

This is not a racial issue

NORM-UK has the utmost respect for the rights and traditions of all cultures and religions, many of whom are well represented within our membership.
NORM-UK seeks only to provide medical evidence and to encourage sensible debate about the ethics of performing non-therapeutic genital surgery upon uninformed, unconsenting children.
Our friends at NOHARMM in the United States have prepared an excellent document discussing opposition to circumcision and anti-semitism.

Can I get it back?

For circumcised men who want to try to regain what they have lost, non-surgical restoration techniques can, in time, provide the look and some of the functions of an intact foreskin. Men who have achieved even partial restoration report significant improvements in their sex lives.

I want to avoid getting circumcised!

Many intact men are petrified at the prospect of having to be circumcised for medical reasons. There are thankfully conservative alternatives for the treatment of most problems that might otherwise require circumcision.

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