Brian Sewell’s Grand Tour
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Brian Sewell's Grand Tour


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Where are the last five episodes?

We asked Five what is going on?
'The series has taken a small break for the holiday season. There are 5 episodes left to screen, however, due to an industry wide scheduling embargo, we are unable to provide scheduling information more than two weeks in advance. We can only recommend keeping an eye on the listings magazines or contacting us again at a later date when more information may be available.'

We asked somebody else what is going on?
There are another 5 programmes to be aired from March 21st and then every Tuesday after that.

Set your recorders!

THE GRAND TOUR is the spectacular sequel to the ratings and critical hit THE NAKED PILGRIM. Once again, Brian Sewell, Britain’s poshest, funniest, rudest and best-loved art historian and critic is setting off on a journey. This time, it’s the most famous journey in the world.

For hundreds of years the well-to-do of Europe and America considered the Italian ‘Grand Tour’ - the trip through Renaissance and Ancient Italy - an essential part of a rounded education.

In this epic series Brian Sewell, the most famous art critic and historian in Britain, embarks on the Grand Tour. This is an extraordinary travelogue. In the footsteps of Byron, Turner, Boswell and others, Brian introduces us to some of the most romantic places on Earth - Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples, Verona and Venice (and in between towns like Cremona, Parma, Assisi, Ravena and Padua).