Disgust Not Apathy!

Living in Shadows

Ken Livingstone Home

The best way to show your disgust and contempt for politicians, is not to vote!

To call every one who does not vote apathetic is insulting.

Has this country not seen the biggest political rallies ever over the last 5 years?

Many people (myself included) do not vote because no politicians seems worthy of a vote.

People have worked out that who ever you vote for will do exactly as they please, shedding their principles rapidly as power gets a hold of their souls.

The 'No Vote' is a powerful tool and the spin of 'Apathy' and 'You should spoil your ballot paper' is wearing thin.

If no one supports the system it will have to change.

Next time a misguided or ill informed politician or pundit has the nerve to call you apathetic, be insulted.