More BIg Brother.

The "congestion" charge is expanding!

The most sophisticated spy network in the world will have

millions of extra £'s to invest in spying on, and fining you.

More lies about a "90% discount" (try buying a day!)

Less traffic for the rich to negate.

I feel a booze up coming on.


Slavery, I'm sorry, so very sorry...

I'm so sorry I'm going to have a big party (at your expense) so

I can make myself feel good by making a hollow apology

for something I was not responsible for.

In fact none of you were responsible for slavery but you are

responsible for the bill for my big booze up!

If you are a descendent of a slave come on down and I'll apologize personally!

You'll still have to pay for me to say sorry for something I can not apologize for.


Next week i'm going to apologize to all of the indigenous

peoples of England on behalf of all the Lords and landowners for

being tied to the land (our own brand of slavery)

You'll get my bill.


kenlivingstone.jpgKen Livingstone

Are You Ready?

Ready to pay for the Olympics?

Pick a numbah, quadruple it and add on as many "0" as you can.

Just over £2 billion was the starting price

£20 billion is our final figure!!!

Londoners (?) can look forward to paying for people in lycra
running round in circles for years and years.

Give us back our Mars bars.



Hey there y'all!
Thanks for coming to my site.

Come back real soon and I'll share my plans on how I'ma gunna change London (with the help of your cash) into
Newer York.

You can also find out how my road pricing has gotten rid of all the poor people on the roads, leaving empty streets for my rich chums to drive around unhindered.
How very little of the cash generated goes nowhere near public transport coffers.

Plus with your cash I can afford to:

Initiate expensive, petty laws suits against embassy's who's regimes I disagree with.

Say dumb ass things and have y'all pick up my legal bill's.

Abolish The Mayor (ATM)

Make y'all walk in the shadow of Capitalism

How I spend my leisure time...

I'm in fantasy land

It's disgust not apathy (DNA)

My obsession with the Nazis

Ken Livingstone is not anti-semetic

Find out the true cost of my bureaucracy at:

How i have let Tony Soprano run Lambeth Council and how Tony is now charging £20,000.00 'surprise' interest to a lucky Lambeth resident.


See y'all soon

Cowboy Ken