2004–5 Carnegie Prize Winner


Kutlug Ataman's 40-channel video installation in this gallery constructs, voice by voice, a communal portrait of Kuba, an alternative society in an Istanbul shanty town that exists as an island amid neighboring high-rise buildings. The residents of Kuba range from criminals, drug addicts, and teenage delinquents to religious radicals to the very poor. Through uninterrupted soliloquies presented on individual monitors,

Lady Crying With Child


Kuba's residents reveal themselves, and collectively their stories establish the unique identity of a community where freedom and individual rights are valued over traditional laws and established norms. There is no indication whether the stories that Kuba's residents tell are straight autobiography or fantasy, because Ataman is interested less in separating truth from fiction than in presenting the complex intertwining of the two. The result is a compelling portrait of a self-constructed society composed of individual identities yet grounded in a web of community values that embrace nearly unlimited personal freedom and mutual tolerance.

Video Installation